Dorm Room Dreamz L3C., is a start-up low-profit limited liability company serving the greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas. DRDz is mission-driven first, social entrepreneurship.  

What is an L3C?

Just like Academic and Financial Counselors, Housing Counselors are needed as well. Professionals who can guide students through the difficult housing process, create specialized College Housing Plans (CHP) and successfully place students in housing environments that support higher education.

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What are Housing Counselors?

DRDz is dedicated to the awareness and prevention of student homelessness by combining college access and success for a student experiencing housing hardships.

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What is DRDz Mission ?
What makes DRDz different?

DRDz is a unique organization addressing critical issues in Higher Education which is collegiate homelessness. It is something that’s not discussed a lot and our approach includes having everyone work together with the student as the center. Today, higher education is more accessible to more than just wealthy families, and administrators have a difficult task of creating an environment where all can learn and this includes those who are homeless.

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  • To develop ways to identify students who are homeless.

  • To identify easily accessible, safe, and affordable housing.

  • Prevent homelessness through awareness and workshops.

  • College readiness for students with housing hardships.

What are DRDz goals?

Collegiate homeless is underestimated and overlooked and the issue is much bigger than what was initially thought. Wisconsin HOPE Lab has revealed that about half of community college students in the United States, which make up 46 percent of college students in the country, do not have consistent housing and that 13 percent are homeless. In absolute terms, this means at least one million people trying to receive postsecondary education do not have a roof over their heads.

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Are college students homeless?