Preventing Student Homelessness

At Dorm Room Dreamz L3C, we know some students just need a place to have Dreamzz! Housing hardships such as homelessness impact a student's learning capabilities and it takes a  Housing Counselor to create specialized College Housing Plans (CHPs) to successfully place students in housing environments that support Higher Education. Higher Education minus Housing Hardship = Success!  Dorm Room Dreamz L3C is more than just another student housing- it’s the placement for students with NO housing. We invite you to explore our dynamic and diverse community, and grow with us!


About DRDz

Higher Edu - Homeless = Success!

DRDz was created when a unmet need was realized. After years of assisting college students with supportive service and seeing all of the many challenges they faced including needs like SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program), Food Pantry, Transportation, and Child Care, just to name a few; Housing remained the biggest challenge. Traditional shelters are not a option, as most are already full and not ideal for college students, therefore DRDz is created just for college students who  experience housing hardships such as evictions and homeless and need additional resources to remain enrolled.

What do we do

At Dorm Room Dreamz L3C, is a Housing and Education service provider dedicated to the awareness and prevention of student homelessness. At DRDz you’ll find skilled housing counselors that understand the issues students face while experiencing housing hardships. We are able to address all High School and Higher Education Housing and Educational needs. Based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana DRDz seeks to partner with area schools, colleges, group homes, shelters, and housing agencies to help educate students about housing options, college readiness, and homeless prevention.  We are privileged to teach students from all parts of the city, offering them a unique curriculum with plenty of educational and engaging activities. Contact us today.


Our Goals

To identify homeless college students. 

Develop easily accessible, safe, and affordable housing. 

Prevention through awareness, workshops and resources.


Create individualized college housing plans 

Bring awareness of homelessness among college students 

Create ways to identify homeless students

Create a homeless Crisis Management Plan for  Colleges/Universities 

Provide housing placements for students

Provides additional resources and supported needed to complete their degree.

This program is designed for colleges  students including those entering from foster care system that need additional assistance with housing. 


Mission Statement

Preventing student homelessness by creating College Housing Plans and educating students about housing resources As well as provide affordable and safe housing that supports higher education and reduces the number of nights students are homeless.


Our Model

Connecting Colleges, Students, & Community Housing Resources together!

Keys to Success

Build strong partnerships with colleges and universities.

Building strong partnerships with community agencies.

Strong contacts with Student Housing Developments.


Program and Services


  • FAFSA Assistance

  • Scholarship & Funding Search 

  • Documentation Assistance

  • College Application

  • College Readiness 

  • College Fairs

Higher Edu

Example of Courses for College Housing 101 Seminar

  • Course 411 Info Session-Living on VS off campus and how much does it really cost?

  • Course 911 Emergency-Housing resources and programs for Housing Hardships

Affordable Student Housing


Professional Development and Training

For faculty and staff members seeking to better understand the needs of students experiencing homeless and how to provide assistance.


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